Connect4Good New Year's Apero
Feb. 7, 2018 | Jack & Jo, Zurich

Attendance was energetic as participants had the opportunity to experience Speed Networking for the first time. Held in short, four-minute rounds, attendees were encouraged to have a quick chats and share who they were and what they were hoping to achieve at the apéro. We felt it was a very successful way to ensure everyone got a chance to meet most people at the event.

Speaker: Katja Annemarie Block of SkinApart Luzern, spoke about Matrix-Rhythm Therapy and how it has the capacity to heal people faster than some conventional methods.

Charity Networking Event
Nov. 22, 2017 | D-Vino, Zürich

Attendance included people with positions in  government, IT, board of directors, members of large organizations, volunteers and many more.  We were pleased to hear some conversations about people offering facilities and non-traditional amenities to others. Often large corporations are looking for investments in sustainable organizations, some even have competitions for employees who make suggestions. We encourage you to explore those you meet and be creative.

Daniel, CEO of Stiftung & Nachhaltigkeit, spoke about the positioning of Connect4Good and how it is planned to evolve in the future. He also said that Connect4Good wishes to facilitate the conversations between foundations, charities, individuals, and corporations. 

Mike Johnson, Founder of HCPT Switzerland, and Head Engineer at Roche, introduced HCPT. It is a charity which originated in the UK that takes handicap children on a pilgrimage to Lourdes every year.  Mike set up the Switzerland chapter and spoke about the ease of setting up such an organization in Zurich.
HCPT is looking for volunteers for their yearly trip to Lourdes in February 2018, if interested please contact Mike:

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